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Senga Nengudi
Brief Bio

Born in Chicago, bred in Los Angeles and living in the '70s in New York City with a year of foreign study in Tokyo, Japan, I have been a resident of Colorado since 1990.

I am primarily known as a sculptor, performance and installation artist. My work is ephemeral in nature. My African/African-American heritage insists on responding to the moment and making due with what is at hand with the skills of improvisation and prodding perseverance.

In my work I often utilize humble, discarded, castaway materials in the belief as with disenfranchised humans they may be transformed into poetic entities, as I seek always elevation to my poetic self. With an improvisational impulse I gather and work my materials. Elements of my pieces are like individuals-fragmented, confused, straight forward, full, empty, misunderstood, frayed, titillating, bland, slick - radiating infinite possibilities, giving voice to those with no tongue to speak about their fragile selves [reality]. My work says, "yes" to all those who have been told "no" by the majority.

I'm known for my late '70s Nylon Mesh "RSVP" (Panty Hose) series. These pieces utilize the stretchable, durable nylon mesh material filled with sand to give the sensuality of the body and the toll life may take on the body and the psyche.

My installations are intimate, involving issues of time and personal change. Interactive in nature, they invite viewers to be co-participants in my exploration of the human relationship to concepts of time, space, movement, sound and internal/external landscapes.