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Frank and I are flying to Mexico City for the opening of the Exhibition there. We will be in New York around Nov. 6th. I hope you will be there, because all three of us would love to see you

With love


Dear Dorothy,
You have been so good to Iovanna that I am indebted to you and I don't know really what to do to give you pleasure. The thought occured to us that maybe you would like some lovely Japanese print from Frank's collection. I hope this will in some small measure return to you for all the good things you have done for us.

The raincoats, of which I got two, are simply marvelous. I have been wearing one or the otherevery day of my life thus far. Thank you for giving me this chance to get them so cheaply. But for you I wouldn't have known of their existence.

The afternoon you came I felt so exhausted by the heat and by the Tom Collins (which I gulped down fast), and which I hadn't had for several years, that I sat there practically extinguished. The night that followed, the heat was so terrible in that Plaza bedroom that I hardly slept. I have never experienced anything like it before. I was glad to