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December 3, 1959

Dear Olgavana:

Your little article in the Capital Times of Friday, November 13th, affects Pat and me both very much indeed. I hadn't written you before because Pat immediately claimed the article and sent it to his mother. He was so pleased and happy about it, and I must say that I am deeply touched by the tribute which you paid to me. I feel very much a part of your life, and I hope that you will count on me always as one of your really true, devoted friends.

Of course, that also means a friend of the Foundation and everything for which you people stand and with which you are carrying on so valiently.

I salute you and hope to be of real help to you whenever you need me.

I felt deeply sorry that the Gates were here the night that you and Wes and Gene came to dinner with us and the Stones. Somewhere along the line I was misinformed. I thought that John Gates had been a member of Taliesin. I knew that Edgar had and tried to get him, but he was out of town. I wanted very much for the evening to be just a dose little group. This much, at least, I succeeded in. John Gates is one of your great admirers and one of Frank Lloyd's great admirers. I know that he would always be a great backer of the Foundation, if and when and how you need him. Eventually he will be the president of Corning-Steuben. He's a very able chap in many ways, and they both have a lovely life with their seven children in their old country house.

Dear Pat is home after an arduous trip around the country with politicos. Thank goodness, he does not have to go on this most recent trip of the President's. They are saving him for the Summit and the trip to Russia. There is just a possibility that I can be a camp-