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Called Robin Middleton hesitantly but Monica Paris (I think) & said he was gone until Sept. Wanted to find Bldgs going up for P/A.- Took a bus to Marble Arch on Vauxhall Bridge (I think) The city passing- me doing nothing about it but letting it pass. Sat for half an hr in Cumberland lobby squeezed in but too tired from walking to move. Then bought a p.c. of hotel to send Allan. Then next door to cafeteria for tomato soup & cheese & roll. Couldn't sleep Had been reading Bell Jar - quite good, honest, clear & less nasty than I had thought - couldn't read the mental breakdown - save that. But had picked up more paper backs at Hatchards day before - a Sagan. This is frightful - cant read - 90 mi an hr she writes of going along SM beach road to Malibu - these Europeans who learned to drive late & who revere the auto as a pistol. Book [[strikethrough]] sounds [[/strikethrough]] begins like an outline. Such a mistake not to reread Forster & James instead. Read Time Mag.

Transcription Notes:
p.c. = postcard?

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