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The DuSable Museum of African American History, Inc.
3806 South Michigan Ave
Chicago, Illinois 60653 [[?]]
Phones: (312) 624-8424 [[?]]

Dr. Margaret T. Burroughs
Executive Director

Museum Lectures
Extension Lectures
Prison Program
Museum Exhibits
Extension Exhibits
DuSable Institute
International Hospitality
Research Library
Correspondence Course
Special Community Serv.

Endorsed by the Association of Commerce and Industry For the ending December 31, 1973

[[Top margin]] Dear Charlie: I'm still begging. Love to Fran + the kids. MB [[/top margin]]

Charles White
4575 N. Rising Hill Road
Altadena, California 91001

Dear Charles:

As you know, the City has given DuSable a home in Washington Park. It is our task now to raise $500,000.00, to remodel and renovate it into a structure that all of us will be proud of.

Numerous fund-raising activities are being planned to raise the money. The principal one is a Salute to Black Artists Dinner, which will be held in the Fall. It will honor Etta Moten Barnett and several outstanding artists including yourself will be invited to participate in a symposium which will evaluate the status of Black Artists in the United States today.

More information will be forthcoming on that.

Since it will be an Artists' Dinner, everyone will have a plate. We are requesting that you send us a pen and ink drawing of any subject and signed by you, (name and year). The circle size should be 7" by 7". We will have these made into plates by a reputable firm.

Reservations to the dinner will sell for $35.00, and each guest will be able to take his cover plate (with your drawing, a collector's item), home. Do drop everything and search around among things you've already done for a suitable sketch or sit down right now and make up one for us.

Please send it to me within the next month, meaning I'd like to have it by the end of May. Please don't fail me, us, the DuSable Museum. Ten (10) complimentary plates will be sent to you as a token of appreciation.

I want to hear from you!