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Museum of Negro History and Art, 3806 S. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, Ill. 60653

"Whip Me Whop Me Pudding and Other Stories of Riley Rabbit and His Fabulous Friends," by Mrs. Margaret Burroughs. Published privately by Mrs. Burroughs, 3806 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, Ill. 59 pages, $1.50 Reviewed by Eugene Pieter Romayn Feldman

A new book of animal stories taken from the colorful, humorous and witty African and Afro-American culture has recently been published. It is called by the descriptive and unique title, "Whip Me Whop Me Pudding and Other Stories of Riley Rabbit and His Fabulous Friends."

This volume, suitable for children and adults alike was published privately by Mrs. Margaret Taylor Burroughs, author of several children's books and poems, art teacher at Chicago's Du-Sable high school, and founder of the Museum of Negro History and Art. Her art has won many prizes and has been exhibited in our own country and abroad.

These stories were first brought over by Africans to our country and told at the fireside to children. This book is written in idiomatic English and not in dialect. Not only will children find this book a store house of humor, wit, satire and sage but adults will value it as well.

The introduction to this volume was written by Mrs. Charlemae Rollins, Children's librarian in the George C. Hall Branch of the Chicago Library for 40 years, and author of several biographical works.  Mrs. Rollins in her introduction says, "I heartily recommend this collection of stories for story telling, reading aloud in classrooms, playgrounds, community houses as well as for individual enjoyment in grades 4 and up through adulthood."

The book can be ordered for $1.50 from: Mrs. Margaret Burroughs, 3806 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60653.