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Office Assistant Commissioner
Bureau of Refugees Freedmen and Abandoned Lands
Montgomery Ala. Sept. 25th 1865

Bvt. Col. C. Caid Cerf

  I have the honor to submit the following report of my expedition through a portion of the Western section of this State agreeably to Special Orders No. 3 Exh. III, from Office Assistant Commissioner, Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands, State of Alabama.

  On Friday 8th inst. I started from Mobile with an escort of Mtd. Infy. Capt. Schafer's Company 21st Missouri Vols, consisting of 35 men with four six mule wagons.  I took the old ridge road so called, from Mobile to St. Stephens, Washington County.  The roads were very heavy and during the day was obliged to cross by Ferry one small creek.  During the day I met and conversed with several individuals who were employing Freedmen and explained fully the purposes and objects of this Bureau.  The day following at about 3 P.M. (Saturday,) I reached Mt. Vernon, where is located the U.S. Arsenal.  I had the good fortune to meet here some fifteen or twenty prominent planters from the various sections of the County, and made them acquainted, in part, with my mission.  I found that here the 

Transcription Notes:
Mtd Infy = Mounted Infantry? Why does he say FOUR SIX MULE WAGONS? Instead of fourty six? Weird that he says "the roads were heavy", but it truly looks like that. Anyone see something different?