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{SPEAKER name="José Andrés"}
Until that point, I had an amazing meal - I began understanding - about the legacy of Alice Waters [[?]] - but when I got that, I was like "Man, this is too much! This is what my mum does - at home, when I grow up!" [[laughter]]

Well, we order three more plates of those clementines, of those dates.

Taste always has been unbelievably important to you - and you kind of learned that searching for the taste is how you got into - knowing your farmers - the local—

{SPEAKER name="Alice Waters"}
It's really about that. It's really about that.

And that's what makes it so possible to make this kind of delicious revolution happen—

because when you give kids food like this - and these are divine, I wish I had brought a thousand so you can all have them - but these are Kishu tangerines - we'll just start throwing them out there.

These are from a little farm in Ojai, California - and they're a beautiful little citrus that comes at this time of the year - and they're so easy to peel—

{SPEAKER name="José Andrés"}
I have to do it!

{SPEAKER name="Alice Waters"}
They're so easy to peel - and they're kind of - and they're just, are seedless - and they're kind of sweet/tart—

And so - when kids - [[audience laughter]] - you just go right ahead - when kids, um—

{SPEAKER name="José Andrés"}
OK, let's be serious now.

{SPEAKER name="Alice Waters"}
But I'm really, really serious, um—

{SPEAKER name="José Andrés"}
It's unbelievable!

{SPEAKER name="Alice Waters"}
When kids have this - they can eat a whole bowl like this - it's just like, irresistible.

And when I'm in most schools - and, um, you smell the cafeteria - you just think, I don't want to go in there - I just don't want to go in there. It's like—

steamed broccoli - without any seasoning - and all I can think of is: where's the garlic? - why are they doing this? - why can't we just have, you know—

little, tiny tomatoes just with the - off the vine - why do we have to have food that's cooked, even? - I mean, it's so delicious like that. And that's how the kids are out in the garden—

you know they may be doing a maths class and measuring the beds - but they're eating all the raspberries. They know every one that's ripe and they race out there, and they go and eat those first.

They don't think this is school - they have a pleasure in doing this. And—

considering the number of kids who drop out of high school - wouldn't it be an amazing thing - to set up a business of running the cafeteria with the students - they run the whole thing themselves - they do the business of it.

[[to Andrés:]] You got to help us do one of these in Washington—

{SPEAKER name="José Andrés"}
I knew it—

{SPEAKER name="Alice Waters"}
I mean, can you imagine—

{SPEAKER name="José Andrés"}
I'm on my way.

{SPEAKER name="Alice Waters"}
—that they—

{SPEAKER name="Alice Waters"}
This has all been designed - by me - because I've prepared the classroom in a way—

—so that people get what I want them to do - in the end - and I—

{SPEAKER name="José Andrés"}
You got me at "Hello", Alice - you ask, and you get!

{SPEAKER name="José Andrés"}

{SPEAKER name="Alice Waters"}
—But I do want him to do this—

{SPEAKER name="José Andrés"}
So, Alice. You only thinking small—

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--> I transcribed the language errors, as is - as this is how Mr Andrés speaks as a non-native speaker

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