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LOGGER: Mimi Minnick
REEL NUMBER: 3 side 2
STAGE: Michigan Narrative
PRESENTOR: James Leary
GROUP NAME: Music S Community
REGION/STYLE: U. Peninsula

art moilanen "piano" - accordion - mass city
bill stimac - accordion - kennewa peninsula
"button accordion" dodgeville

1. [[strikethrough]] Leary [[/strike-through]] James Leary - intro
2. art moilanen - Finnish Ancestry, Logging, Farming
3. bill stimac - Croatian Ancestry, mining, logging
4. art moilanen - musical history
5. bill- harmonica playing
6. bill stimac on accordion "no name"
7. moilanen on accordion "sackee polka"
8. Stimac "no name"
9. art m - how I got started
10. bill s - how I got started
11. art moilanen - "tennessee waltz"
12. bell stimac - "searching for a fine"
13. q: was saturday night wild
stimac: answer
Moilanen: answer
14. art m; ginniagen polka "aka hold time Finnish polka"
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