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Port Peek

TV.- Wisconsin Ojibway - Winnebago, others (wake)- good natured criticism of other's songs

P.O.- to Oklahoma  Cherokee- Northern style sounds like chipmunks vs. Southern style- California styles

L.C.- in Louisiana- dancing vanished- dancers + singers gone
in S. California- trying to record songs- 20 yrs ago- unable to

B.G.H.- hasn't seen anything disappear- rather revival esp. of religious ceremonial- B. G.

R.G. restoration revival
audience question- Reagan in Mon

R.G.- humor & diplomacy
audience- returning sacred objects? f 

R.G.- family remains, sacred objects- effort to repatriate now- national international museums [[strikethrough/]] [[?]] [[strikethrough/]] tribal people dialog- Smithsonian- talks, returning-protection- vs. needs for tribal heritage- dialog more a. two-sided- work co-operatively to preserve

T.V. Smithsonian policy- dilemma: evolving, ex. Zuni pots- return objects to self destruct- debates

L.C.- (a state commission- decide on. sacred sights, relics, remains
R.G. museums of Plains white Person. audience- harp dance music

B.G.H.- S.W.- style- song w/ a certain rhythm

R.G.- Closing remarks  
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