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strictly in the light of ultimate influence and lasting achievement, One of her figures, a six foot image of man, was sent to the Louisiana Exposition at St. Louis, and was favorably commented upon by artists of repute.  In 1908 she won her first recognition in the competition known as the "project of the three arts".  This is a prize for the best design made in cooperation by an architect, a mural painter and a sculptor. This special grouping was for an outdoor swimming pool.  The general design was by Grosvenor Atterbury; the decorative panels by Hugh Ballin, while Mrs. Whitney's work was the fountain with figure of pan. In 1910 the heroic three-figure fountain in Marble known as the Arlington Fountain received the gold medal at the World's Fair in San Francisco.  A replica in bronze was brought by the America Society of Peru and presented at the Peruvian Government to be erected in Lima (1924).  Her model for the Aztec fountain, now in the Pan-America Building, Washington, D.C., was first shown in 1912. 

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