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Her own experiences in the field of sculpture and the intensity of her artistic feeling have made her a most valuable and discriminating patron of the arts, whether the medium of expression be sculpture, painting, literature, or music. In 1920-1921 she made up a collection of paintings by representative American artists and exhibited them in Europe, in Venice, London, Paris, and Sheffield, then brought them home to her own gallery in New York City, where they were shown in the fall of 1921 as the "The Overseas Exhibition". Writing of this work in the introduction to the catalogue of the exhibition, she said. "Ever since the establishment of the Whitney Gallery the idea of sending an informal group of American paintings to Europe has recurred to me. It was never my ambition to attempt a conclusive exhibition of American art in Europe, but I did want to exhibit in Europe, in a perfectly friendly way, the works of the men who have taken part in our exhibition during the past ten years. To me it has always