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seemed a good plan for artists working in America to show their work in Europe - the oftener, the better. Our sympathy to French art was not born in a day, not is it entirely the result of study and travel abroad. Innumerable exhibitions of French Art under a variety of auspices, have been held in this country, and the European's understanding of our art will lack the necessary sympathy until he also has the opportunity to see in Europe repeated and varied exhibitions of American Art. The plan of sending to Europe a sort of summary of past exhibitions that I have enjoyed in this gallery developed until it only awaited the opportunity to carry it out. When the chance came it had to be executed without delay. Some of the artists were away at the time. One of two others had, unfortunately, no pictures that could be spared for such a long absence, and some were owned by the museums and were unavailable". Mrs. Whitney has done a considerable amount of writing, both for art magazines and other periodicals. She is