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The conference at Lynch's was held about 12 m. The session was very pleasant. After adjournment we went to the place where preaching was to be on Sunday. It was eight miles up a mountain road. The name of the place is Mt. Aisy. The people who live in this community are very closely related to each other. I met an aged couple (man and wife) who were the originators of the community. They had a family feast two years ago. At that occasion there were in all 150 living descendants. I have secured a group photo of them. They are highly interesting. The husband works at his trade blacksmithing and earns from $2 to $3 a day. Well, I understand the re-opening exercises passed of excellently yesterday. Nearly $1000 were raised. I met Rev. Peter her this morning also G.G. Penn. I am glad that everything pass of so satisfactory. Of course I should have been delighted to have witnessed the exercises, but under the circumstances I felt justified in being where I was. I saw a number