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[[note]] 7 Aug 62 [[/note]]

Dear Clem & Jenny, Hope the the trip across country was beautiful & interesting. Bill was up for 3 days and we had fun. He watered skied & was very good. He is a very good athlete. He said Larry had heard from some young man in London that had been with Toothes I think, was opening a big gallery in London this fall with a lot of money behind him & that. He wanted to have the opening show of my work. I suspect he must be connected in some way with Dick Smith, Harold or Tony Caro. Larry said he is very serious about Art and that I would like him personally - What do you think? Should I accept this offer if it comes through? You know how I'm impressed by people that are really interested in good painting. You & Jenny always make me feel warm & hopeful. Love Ken.

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