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[[note]] 1964 [[/note]]

Dear Bell,
Surprise! Surprise!
Huh Hair Mail letter. I wrote Clem all the news so I won't break my arm doing it again, when I know you will be talking to him again soon. Saw a lot of Larry in Paris. We went out to dinner every night and baby, does he know good food. We played poker (twice, luckily neither of us creamed the other or else that would be been the end. Miss you sweetie, the Bienneli [[Biennale]] is a fiasco, Alan fucking everything up but as Clem says, it doesn't count for anything.

I'm going to buy a Alfa or a Lancia (I'll wait until I buy it before I go to the trouble to be sure I can spell it.) Anyway, I'm going to put that Jaguar of yours way down.

Are you going up soon to see the Bennington gang? Getting any lately? Good stuff? I haven't been making out over [[arrow to right panel]] 

here (worth a damn). Getting too old & ugly. Pictures not ready to be hung yet - maybe Weds. Cornelia and kids get here thurs. Will hang around for a few days then take off traveling. May see Larry South of France later. I'll probably get back in July  Sooner than I planned  Not having a great time  Would rather work. All your going to get. PS about.

P.S OR I'll charge you for a one footer, Love Ken

Transcription Notes:
letter is read: Center-Left-Right (panels) Cornelia = first wife