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willing talker and a frequent writer, Newman has expressed himself perhaps as articulately as any other living artist.

For years Newman has had a studio near Wall Street in the financial district. He is a great admirer of the Urban landscape, loves to wander through the city. Food also ranks very high with Newman, and among the variety of national cooking styles available in New York, he prefers the best of the characteristic New York seafood restaurants. A walk from his studio often takes him across Wall Street to the Fulton fish pier and then to lunch at Sweets Restaurant.

Newman does not like to be photographed when he works. For him, the actual application of paint is an intensely personal process, one in which the presence of the camera would be very obtrusive. This does not mean that Newman is reticent about himself or his work. He is modest about himself and his accomplishments but available to any serious young artist. His unwillingness to compromise with his view of the role of the artist both as a man and a professional have made him a kind of spiritual model for the younger generation, at the same time that his work has been a starting point for many of the newer geometric painters.