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#2. Continued, page 3

-"Mummy Maintenance: with the Maintenance Man, the Maintenance Artist and the Museum Conservator;" and "The Keeping of the Keys [performed in every part of the museum including service and curatorial areas];" both on July 20, 1973. Also "Washing / Tracks / Maintenance," on July 24, 1973. Curator: Jack Cowart. Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford.
-"MANIFESTO FOR MAINTENANCE ART! 1969." Credo, still operative, includes a proposal for an exhibition, as yet unrealized. Philadelphia, October, 1969 and since.

III. Selected Group Exhibitions: 1982-1973.
-Heresies Magazine Benefit Exhibition. September 21-25, 1982, Frank Marino Gallery, NYC. Installation piece: "The Marriage of a Sanitation Worker and a Hospital Worker."
-"Primer: Group Material [artists collective];" Artist's Space. June, 1982. Tim Rollins, curator.
-"The M-5 Show." New York City Fifth Avenue Buses. May, 1982. Posters of original art made by artist. Group Material. Curator: Mundy McLaughlin.
-"BACA Video Festival." Brooklyn Arts and Cultural Association, NYC. April 24, 1982. "Waste Video: tape in progress." Wendy Chambers, curator.
-"Nine Artists." State University of New York at Binghampton. March, 1982. Josephine Gear. Director. Catalog. Large multi-media installation.
-"Ecology Show." Hunter College Gallery, NYC. October 19 to November 2, 1981. Sponsors: Artists for a Sane Environment and Political Art Documentation/Distribution. Montage: "Art-Sanitation Intersection: Official Testimony at the Fresh Kills 1981 Landfill Hearings, a Dream in 1977, and a 1920 Sanitation photo."
-"Enthusiasm Show." Group Material Gallery, NYC. November-December, 1981. Curator: Tim Rollins.
"Downtown-Uptown Show," City Gallery of the Department of Cultural Affairs, NYC. October-November, 1981.
-"Sanitationmen Tribute Week Exhibition," Guest Artist. NY Telephone Co. Headquarters Lobby, NYC. July, 1981. Installation.
-"Heresies Magazine Benefit Exhibition. June, 1981. "Letter to a Sanman II." Grey Art Gallery, New York University, NYC.
-"Williams College Performance Festival / 5 Performance Artists." Williamstown, MA. May 10, 1981. Multi-media documentation including slides, tapes, talking, cleaning ritual for all members of audience. Curator: Anne Rosenthal.
-"Consumption Show." Group Material Gallery, NYC. March, 1981. Inside/outside installation piece: "Everybody Wants Us to Pick It Up, But Nobody Wants Us to Put It Down." Curator: Tim Rollins.
-"New Energy Museum Show." Union Square Windows, NYC. February, 1981. Installation: "Hand Energy = B.T.U's  Thanks Sanman!" Curator: Candace Hill-Montgomery.
-"A Decade of Women's Performance Art." Institute of Contemporary Arts, New Orleans and travelling USA, December, 1980 and after. National exhibition at College Art Association. Catalog by Moira Roth to be published by Astro Artz in Los Angeles, 1982.