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#2. Continued, page 4
-"Out of the House." Whitney Museum Downtown. September-October, 1976.
-"C. 7,500." Travelling exhibition of "women conceptual artists," to museums and galleries all over USA, and London. July, 1973 to November, 1974. 
Curator: Lucy R. Lippard. 

IV. Archives and Collections (selected). 
-Museum of Modern Art: Performance Art Archives, 1978 to present. Library. 
-Jean Brown Archive, Shaker Seed House, Tyringham, MA., 1982. 
-Political Art Documentation/Distribution Archive, NYC. 1981 on. 
-Collection of Ida Appelbroog. 
-Lucy R. Lippard, personal archives. 

-By the Artist: 1983-1969
-TOUCH SANITATION ARTIST'S BOOK, Fall, 1983 (forthcoming). 
-"Dear Visitor / Maintenance Art Mongo." Artist's booklet distributed to visitors at semi-retrospective. (And/Or Contemporary Arts Center, Seattle.), Summer, 1981. 
-"Re-Raw Recovery," Heresies: Ecology Issue, (New York), #13), Summer, 1981. 
-"3 Maintenance Systems, 3 Maintenance Art Works," Dumb Ox, Allan Kaprow and Paul McCarthy, eds., revised edition, (Los Angeles) first edition, 1981, withdrawn, revised edition forthcoming. 
-"Dear Dustman," Performance-Letter distributed to 200 London "dustmen" initiating 22 hour performance: "After the Revolution, Who's Going to Pick Up the Garbage/Rubbish on Monday Morning?" (Institute of Contemporary Arts, London), November, 1980. 
-Catalog Statement, Issue: Social Strategies by Women Artists, Lucy R. Lippard, editor and essay, (Institute of Contemporary Arts, London), 1980. 
-"Good Morning. The maintenance artist is coming to. . ." Teletype series transmitted citywide to all 59 New York City Sanitation districts every performance day for 11 months and exhibited on bulletin boards and read at roll calls. Communications component of TOUCH SANITATION PERFORMANCE. (New York City Department of Sanitation), July, 1979 to June, 1980. 
-"Dear Sanman." Artist's booklet distributed to 8,500 New York City sanitation workers and officers, media and visitors, initiating 11 month TOUCH SANITATION PERFORMANCE. Includes maps of spiralling [[spiraling]] itinerary form: 10 "sweeps" around and around NYC (Maintenance Art Works / courtesy printing Avon, Inc., NYC), July, 1979, edition of 9,000. 
-"Mikva Dreams--A Performance," Heresies: The Great Goddess, (New York), Spring, 1978. 
-"55 Water Street," Gnome Baker Art Magazine II & III, Madeleine Burnside Andrew Kelly, eds., (New York), Spring, 1978. 
-"The Sorting of the Sox: Homage to MuCh'i," Heresies #2, (New York), May, 1977.