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Mierle Laderman Ukeles
#2. Continued, page 7

Radio (Many of these interviews were via telephone hook-up).
-WHN, with Dirk Vann, feature on site at opening of TOUCH SANITATION PERFORMANCE (New York), July 24, 1979.
-WCBS National Network, with Gil Gross, (New York), August 27, 1979.
-WNBC National Network, with Al Bernstein, (New York), August 27, 1979
-WINS All News Radio, with Palmer Payne, (New York), November 5, 1979.
-WPIX-FM, with Bill Vitka, (New York), November 5, 1979.
-National Public Radio, "All Things Considered," with Connie Goldman, on site in the South Bronx districts (Washington, D.C.), December 1, 1979.
-WPLJ syndicate, "Earth News Radio," with Jeff Hillery and Lou Irwin (Los Angeles), October, 1979.
-"Brainstorm," [lost call numbers], syndicated, with Gabriel Wisdom, (San Diego) October 28, 1980.
-CKCK syndicated, "Action Line," with Tony Dimnik, (Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada), April 26, 1980.
-WINS All News Radio, with Stan Brooks on site at conclusion of TOUCH SANITATION PERFORMANCE, (New York), June 26, 1980.
-WCBS National Network, with Ben Farnesworth on site at conclusion of PERFORMANCE, (New York), June 26, 1980.
-WNBC National Network, with Jeff Reynolds, (New York), June 26, 1980.
-CBS Radio 88, with Gil Gross, (New York), June 26, 1980
-RKO Radio Network, with Joan Morgan (New York), June 26, 1980.
-KMET-FM, with Pat Kelley (Los Angeles), June 27, 1980.
-CJAZ-FM, "This A.M. on F.M.," with Campbell and Julie, (Vancouver, Canada) July 15, 1980.
-RK0 National Network, "Real Life," (New York), August 21, 1980.
-British Broadcasting Company Radio/New York, with Tom Brook (New York, then transmitted to England), November 7, 1980.
-London Broadcasting Corp. with Dave Loyn, on site at Grosvenor's Dock with dustmen during London performance. (London), November 18, 1980.
-Capital Radio, "London Today," (London), November 18, 1980.
-BBC Radio, "Sherrin After Breakfast," with Bob Sherrin, (London), November 19, 1980.