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officer as to the form set forth in making out claims &c.  I am far from entertaining the idea that the government authorities of Washington contemplated practicing a deception upon Medical gentlemen when they published to the world their tariff of fees. The government has received the benefit of my professional services under its own stipulations. I can scarcely believe the officials will avail themselves of an arbitrary power to repudiate the settlement of a just claim against the government, If such be the practice, I would respectfully ask the Surgeon General whether such repudiation may not be considered an act of bad faith on the part of government, nor do I doubt for a moment that the Surgeon General will concur with me in opinion, that the public interest does not require the government promises to be ignored. Nor National honor tarnished by withholding even from the humblest citizen the amount due him, however trifling the amount may be. The distinguished Medical gentleman who has placed so low an estimate on my professional services, and who would not render a similar service for double the amount he has awarded to me, and who by an easy clash of the pen sets aside the stipulated amount the government agreed to pay me, ought to remember that I have faithfully performed my part of the contract, and that justice and equity demand that the government should act in the like spirit. In conclusion, I submit with confidence my claim to the impartial judgment of the Surgeon General 
I have the honor to be very
Respectfully, Your Ob Sevt
Thomas Kearny