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Corpus Christi, Texas.
January 29th 1860

O O Howard. Maj. Gen.
Com. B.R.F. and A.L.


I have the honor to enclose to you a certified copy of letters of Administration, issued to Mrs. E Merriman, Administratix, of her late husbands estate,

Dr E J Merriman, rendered medical service as his accounts show; in attention to the Detachment of men stationed here in the service of the B. R. F. & A.L.

Excuse me for not directing this communication to the proper officers, as the Clerk has mislaid the letter, I received from your Department, requesting the enclosed copy, 

Very Respectfully
Your Obdt Servt
John Dix
County Judge, Nueces Co.
Late Sub. Asst. Com. B.R.F.& A.L.