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the proceedings were approved judgement was enforced by Execution if necessary. 

I have referred to the course pursued when the Court was first established. As the business of the Court increased, it became impossible for me to attend to each complaint and complainants were sent to the civil magistrates who issued warrants returnable to the Provost Court, arrested defendants and bound over witnesses to appear before it. So too in civil cases, attorneys were employed to prosecute suits so that the Provost Court became in all but its organization apart of the ordinary machinery for administering justice in Edgefield and Barnwell Districts. 
The Provost Court has exercised almost exclusive jurisdiction in cases where freedmen are concerned, the number of outrages has diminished so much that it is seldom a complaint is made to this office by a freedman of one. There are no Refugees who have made complaints to me. 
I am, Major, 
Very Respectfully
Your Obedient Servant
William Stone
1 Lieut 45th Inf
P.S. I enclose copy of the "Rules of the Provost Court"