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Office Sub Apt Com
Bureau R F & A L
Huntsville Texas April 21st 1868

Your communication dated Head quarters 5th Military District New. Orleans S April 10th, requesting information regarding deceased soldiers, is received, and in reply, I would state, that Sergt Volguer was taken sick Sept. 5th and died Sept 15th, Private, Eckhart taken sick Sept 4th and died Sept 14th
McBrich, taken sick sept 7th died Sept 18th, Uphold taken sick Sept 10th died Sept 25th and Downey taken sick Sept 10th died Sept 20th 1867 All died of yellow fever, Private, Delaney, was taken August 21st with Intermittent fever, recovered Nov.6.; Lawler
Aug 7 Sept 20th yellow fever, recovered Sept 20; Parks
Sept 2nd yellow fever, recovered Nov 6;
I Am Very Respectfully