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August 6th 9

W. B Rankin Esq.
Supt of Public Instruction
Greene Co. Tenn.


In reply to your communication of the 2nd inst. I have the honor to inform you that before this Bureau can grant aid to or fund [[directly?]] [[?]] trustee [[?]] school [[?]] a site must be obtained and deeded to [[you?]] or to some  individual [[?]] for school purposes for Freedmen, or for children irrespective of color forms. When this is done. send a copy of the deed to this office with an estimate of the amount required in addition to amount the people can raise.

I will be glad if you would give your personal attention to this matter as I am not yet able to offer any support. the number of schools for the colored people in East Tennessee could be [[?]] but we are ready to aid you if in compliance with the above requirement. Let me hear from you

Very respectfully
Your Obedient servant.
C. E. Compton.
Bvt Lt Col U.S.A
Superintendent of Education