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August 9.

Robert R. Corson, Esq.
Cor. Sec'y Penna Br. A.F.U. Com.
No. 711 Sansom Street
Philadelphia, Penn.


I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your communication of the 3rd inst enclosing structure of Schools &c and [[?]] your association in the state of Tennessee and in reply I state the school mentioned therein is the charge of Mr and Mrs [[Wicken?]] have never been reported to this office and that those in charge of P.I Locke, S.E. Wicken and Sylvester Seller have already been reported by C.F. Hatfield Co. Secy. Prsdg. Com. of Home Missions of New York on the Schedule of Schools [[?]] by that association in State of Tenn and as [[?]] have heretofore be transmitted to Washington.

I herewith enclose accounts for the school taught by the Misses Couch & [[?]] which you will please cause to be signed by the treasurer and returned to this office.

Very respectfully
Your cordial servant
C.E. Compton
Bvt Lt Col U.S.A 
Supt of Education

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