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Excerpt from an interview with Lenore Tawney by Jean d'Autillia:
"You make no plans ahead of time?"
"No, I don't.  I pick up what's near me.  My desk is usually a terrible mess, with layer upon layer.  When I'm working and I need something, my hand just goes to that place wherever it is -- under whatever it is.  That's why in my studio I have a lot of thing around:  yarn, bones, feathers, egg shells, stones, even the mail and magazines that come in, I use everything."

"You're a real saver then?"
"I'm not a saver -- I'm a user!"

Lenore Tawney: A Personal World
Brookfield Craft Center, Brookfield, Connecticut, 1978

Lenore was both a saver and a user.  Her studio houses an extraordinary collection of objects and images that became the resource and inspiration for her work in collage and assemblage. May unused items -- bones, feathers, ocean-polished pebbles, faded papers -- remain.  These selected objects are being given to you as a memento of Lenore's unique sensitivity and respect for material beauty.

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