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Fifth Floor 
41 East 57th Street
New York 10022 
Plaza 2-0124

February 15, 1974

Dear Mr. McLaughlin

Your catalogue is being done and is scheduled to be mailed out around the 12th of March. 

We would very much like to know how many you will need for your personal use.

What we have done in the past is to send the envelopes to the artist, who then addresses them and returns them to our mailing house for insertions, stamping and mailing. If this would be suitable for you, we will be happy to instruct the mailing house to send envelopes out to you.

Or, if you wish to insert and mail them yourself, we will send both the catalogue and the envelopes to you.

In the meantime, we must make a quantity order and would very much like to know as soon as possible what your requirements are.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,
Catherine Jalayer
Catherine Jalayer

Mr. John Laughlin
P. o. Box 840
Dana Point, California 92629

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