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Leo Castelli
4 East 77 New York 21
BU 8 8343


born: Paris, 1930, of Venezuelan parents
studies: Hans Hofferson School 1954-56, but as a [[strikethrough]] painter [[/strikethrough]] sculptor is self taught
she has lived in New York since 1950, but [[strikethrough]] has [[/strikethrough]] worked in Rome from [[strikethrough]] since [[/strikethrough]] mid-1958, [[strikethrough]] and recently moved to Paris [[/strikethrough]] until her return to New York again in 1960.
her first one-man show was at Leo Castelli in 1957.
Her work has been shown regularly since 1956 in various group shows.
In 1959, she was included in the Carnegie International, Pittsburgh.
In 1959, at the 'Pan American Art' exhibition at the Chicago Art Institute.
In 1958, she was represented at the 'Festival of Two Worlds', Spoleto, and at the Dallas Museum of Contemporary Art exhibition 'Humor in Art'

collections: Mr. Roy Neuberger, New York
Mr. Stanley Marcus, Dallas,Texas
Mr. Joseph Shapiro, Chicago
Mr. and Mrs. C. Mackenzie Lewis, Pittsburgh
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Bergman, Chicago
Mr. Leo Farland, New York
Mr. Sidney Geist, New York
Judge and Mrs. Henry Epstein
Mr. Emile de Antonio
Governor Nelson A Rockerfeller
Dr. Alfred Frankfurter