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Dear Leo - 

I wish you would write me telling me how everything is in N.Y. If you picked up the thing I left at Friedel's apartment. If you liked it. Please send me the announcements. I imagine you already opened your gallery. 

I am having a terrible time here. I can't make any friends but it was the same in N.Y. It must be my fault.

I went on a trip to London because I thought I might like to live there instead but didn't like it either - so I am back in Rome - still looking for an apartament. I am wasting so much time. I don't know when I will start working again. I have been doing many drawings but this is all.

I met those friends of yours called Dorazio and found them very nice.  They took me to dinner and then to a little jazz bar that depressed me immensely.  It is the Italian "Five Spot". But, I like them very much & they said they would help me get organized.

Sometimes I have a terrible urge to return to N.Y. where I know where everything is.

Give my love to Ileana -  
love Marisol

My address is M.E. c/o American Express - Rome