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                                          March 5-1959
Dear Leo - I was so happy to receive your letter & the check today.  I could hardly believe that I sold all those things. It certainly was nice to feel somewhat useful.  Now I think I have enough money to buy a car & to have my sculpture cast.
   I really didn't get adjusted here. I just stopped trying to get adjusted to something that I didn't like anyways.  I don't go out with the intellectuals anymore. I have a great fault of believing almost everything that people tell me & of associating myself with them. The best thing for me to do is not to see them so that I won't have to believe them.  Here in Europe they have an enormous capacity to communicate disillusionment.
    I am happy that you are coming in June.  I will be glad to see you.  This year has gone by so fast. Give my love to Iliana  Love Marisol

In my other letter I mentioned a catalog I meant The Pittsburg not Carnegi I forgot the name - Could you please send it to me