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Dear Leo -
I recieved{{received}} the catalog and the announcements - thank you.

Here I am as bored as usual. I've seen Scarpitta a few times. He wants to go back to New York. He sais {{says}}that rather than live here he would prefer to work in Texas in a gas station.

Plinio is going out of his mind. His gallery seems to be a failure. Scarpitta said that you were planning to come here in July. Are you still comming {{coming}}? I think I might drive up to southern France with Marcarelli & Afro in June.- but if you are here in July I could drive down to see you & show you what I have been doing. I've done ten sculptures in bronze that look rather nice. They look like those boxes I use to do, full of little people. But, I think it is going to take me another year's work to have a show & I don't want to have it here in Rome. It is worth less. I am

Transcription Notes:
Plinio De Martiis...he founded the Galleria La Tartaruga which was a decisive place for the post-war artistic renewal in Italy and Europe