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Page 1: 1951: The first deliveries made by Knoll International leave a German Port.
Page 2, 1) Entrance to showroom in Wiesbaden with the "K" trademark designed by Herbert Matter.
        2) The first showroom of Knoll International in Germany was situated in Stuttgart, Haussmannstrasse 5 (1952).
        3) Factory of Knoll International, 1960, in Stuttgart.
        4) Upholstery department in the factory, Stuttgart
        5) Showroom in Hamburg opened 1959.
        6) Showroom in Frankfort, 1961.
Page 3: Main Office: Stuttgart 
        Branches: Frankfort/Main, Duesseldorf, Berlin, Wiesbaden
        Licensees: Munich, Nuremberg, Saarbrucken, Haanover, Hamburg, Bremen. 
Page 4&5: 1) Livingroom furniture in the first showroom in Stuttgart. 
          2) Furniture Plan of the showroom in Stuttgart, Am Neckartor, 1956.
          3) Detail of the showroom Am Neckartor.
          4)Showroom in Munich, 1959.
          5)Exhibition Wiesbaden; view from conference room to working area in living room.
          6) Showroom in Hannover, 1957.
Page 6: 1-4) Exhibition Frankfort, 1961. The photographs show different groups of furniture, the design of the show window and the treatment of a wall cabinet containing glasses and vases.
Page 7, 5,6 & 7) Exhibition Frankfort, 1961. The furniture showroom on the ground floor. The office furniture is shown on the mezzanine. 
     8) Detail of the Showroom in Stuttgart. 

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