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June 29, 1943                                                  Dear Heddina, Today is a good day, I have finaly received the mail, 7 letters from you, I spent all the morning among envelopes and stamps and I had in mind to keep some letter for tomorrow but I wasn't able so I read them all. You sure the best friend of min and I love you a lot, you and your letters (that are so much like you, generous, fast and many other things) I'd like to tell you about you as I understand now, I'm kind of restless and I cannot write you much now, I thought about you all this night, I couldn't sleep - I desire you.
All I write above is useless, you know how my love for you is mostly connected with your arms and skin and lips so never mind the words, no help on it. I'll try to write you the letter: So this is the first bunch of letters I had since I'm here, they were all retarded because they were already in China and had to be send back here  [[strikethrough]]but[[/strikethrough]] I didn't get all