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March 20 1944.

Dear Hedda,

Today I received a couple of letters from you and I'm again sorry I wasn't able to write you for such a long time and I hope you'll forgive me. I understand that you were sort of disapointed about my short V mail letters I wrote you now & then - Those letters were, as I wrote you (or maybe not) writen in the Navy house in Algiers and the Navy regulation is that even officers mail has to be censored by an official censor so I wasn't able to be too warm to you in those letters because the censors were just boys around and friends of mine and I felt sort of shy of showing them what I'm writing really to you. So the mail censored by the navy was usualy dry while the mail sent thru The Army (and censored by myself) was all free and long and all my love to you in it -

March 25

Dearest, I'm going ahead in this unfinished letter. This is typical for the way things are going around because I started 4 days ago to write you and then something happened and I had to put the letter in my pocket and wait for later to write you. I have a couple more of unfinished letters to finish. We staying out of reach (town or so) and have
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