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April 17 1944

Dear Hedda

No mail from you - so many letters I started with these words - Why don't you write me? Or maybe you did? Are you really punishing me for not having writen to you some time ago? I guess it's the Post Office's fault. I'm sure indeed I'll have mail today - There's something though that takes care of me so I received an enveloped dated December, a big envelope with 2 drawing books and sheets of paper of many kinds and a very good letter from you (mailed before Christmas, one of the first nice letters you wrote me) I'll start working on one of the books and I'll send it to you when finished. I made about a dozen good drawings about Italy (I like them now) but I'm too lazy to go in town and send them, also because I like them I want to keep them for a while to see 'em. 

Nights are warmer now and I have the sea right under my window (this is the nearest place to the sea in all my sailor life) and I sleep fine, go to bed early and wake up with the chickens & the goat. I've never seen before a baby goat so intimately, and it's very curious to see how an animal with horns [[scratch out]] can be so friendly, like a dog. He's following me all over, and makes he-he-he very bad, like a man trying to imitate a goat. 
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