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Wednesday evening, '49
Sweet rabbit, I'm at home, listen to WQ, had big dinner (selfmade) was hungry, worked a lot today and last night, was excited, the blue prints proofs of the book come from the printer and I posted them up on the driveway. I'm lonely for you and I'll try to come to you as soon as possible, I'm going to Detroit this weekend and I'll see how things are. I had a letter from you today (mailed last Monday). a fine and warm letter as you should write me more often. Describe me the studio, what floor, how furnished, why did you move from P. Dinard?
I'm very glad you do all this for my parents but promise me not to do anything more than you feel like, And write me in time the list of things they need. And you take care of your bus. Have you been to a doctor? Go anyway and check, don't neglect even if because it may leave a bad scar. 
Talking about (writing I mean) poetry to you in my last letter and about Viereck it was pleasant and