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13 Hamilton Street

May 7, 1956

Mr. Robert C. Graham
1014 Madison Avenue
New York, N.Y.

Dear Mr. Graham,

Regarding your letter of May 3, it is my present intention not to sell the entire collection intact, but rather sell individual pictures or groups of pictures. I realize too that many of the paintings require restoration.

Some of the pictures you are interested in were exhibited in the Harriman Gallery in 1935 and were among my father's finest works. At that time he placed a value of $600. on 30"x20" pictures; $1000. to $1500. on 30" x 40" and $2500. on the large pictures.

The pictures are now my property and I can arrange my own prices. I would like to make the following offer on the pictures you have listed if sold individually.
"Evening Tones" $500.
"Azure" → out 500.
"Radiant Night" 450.
"Circle of Washington Square" 450.
"Evening" 450.
"Red Farm at Pochuk" 400.
"Hill of Minisink" 400.
"Silk Town on the Passaic" 350.
or the entire eight pictures as a package for $2800.
Please let me know if you are interested, as I am open to your considerations.
Very truly yours,
Robert Bluemner