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Born in 1867 in Hanover, Germany, the son of an architect. He had his first exhibition at the age of 18 - a group of portraits shown in Berlin in 1892 he came to America where he became a successful architect - so successful that, in 1912, he was able to 'retire' and spend a year in Germany, exhibiting again and continuing his art studies. Returning to America in 1913 he showed a painting in the Armory and, two years later, Alfred Stieglitz gave him a one-man show at '291'. He exhibited there regularly from 1915 to 1928 and dur9ing the same period he was also shown at the Bourgeois and Neumann Galleries. In 1926 he moved to South Braintree, Mass. where he lived until his death in 1938.


1913 New York, Armory Show, one painting.
1915 New York, Aflred Stieglitz, one-man show. 
1916 New York, American Anderson Galleries, Forum Group.
1917 New York, Bourgeois Gallery, exhibited 1917-1923.
1924 New York, Neumann Hallery, exhibited 1924-1926.
1929 New York, Whitney Studio Galleries, one-man show.
1935 New York, Marie Harriman Gallery, one-man show.
1939 Minneapolis, Minneapolis University Gallery, Retropective show
1946 New York, Whitney Museum, Pioneers of Modern Art in Amer three paintings.
1956 New York, Whitney Museum, Juliana Force Exhibition, one painting.


Whitney Museum of American Art, (three paintings)
Museum of Modern Art, New York,
Pennsylvania Museum of Art,
Mr. Duncan Phillips, Mr. Adolph Lewisohn, Mr. Segan Bourgeois, et al.