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Southern Famine Relief Commission,
[[strikethrough]] 61 BROADWAY. [[/strikethrough]]
New York, June 5th 1867.

ARCHIBALD RUSSELL, President, Address, No. 61 Broadway,
EDWARD BRIGHT, Cor. Sec., Address, No. 39 Park Row,
FRED. LAW OLMSTED, Rec. Sec., Address, No. 110 Broadway.
JAS. M. BROWN, Treas., Mess. Brown Bros. & Co., 59 Wall St.
JOHN BOWNE, Gen. Agent, Address. No. 61 Broadway. 

Colonel C. C. Sibley
Macon, Ga.

Dear Sir:

The U. S. Ship Purveyor left this post on Monday with nearly thirty thousand bushels of corn, about one fourth of which Commander Simpson is to deliver to such person as you may appoint to receive it at Savannah. The Purveyor is first to leave a part of her cargo at Charleston, but I hope she will reach Savannah in due time, and that the corn committed to your care will relieve the wants of many of the people of Georgia.

Our Southern Famine Relief Commission, by whom this corn is sent, have been hopeing to receive before this time your reports of lots previously 

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