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The new studios and offices of [[strikethrough]] Jack Lenor [[/strikethrough]] Larsen, Incorporated, designed by Gensler & Associates, will take on 325 percent more space for the firm upon occupancy early this year. In continuing evidence of growth, Larsen will double the size of its line over the next 18 months, expanding with introductions for seating in wood, metal, and upholstery, as well as add[[strikethrough]]ing[[/strikethrough]]itional tables.

Bringing Larsen's total of exclusive showrooms to 13 in the States, a new showroom at the IDCNY, New York, made its debut during Designer's Saturday and two more are being built in Atlanta and Danina, Fla. Meanwhile, Chicago is doubling its showroom size. 

A healthy increase in sales force -- now totalling 150 reps nationwide -- has given the company a foothold on a three-year projected sales increase of 50 percent.

Today's expansion and promising forecasts for this 36-year-old company will not surprise industry veterans who remember Larsen for its hallmark designs and innovations through four decades, achievements which have given the firm leadership standing in a field - with many imitators.

Indeed, transcending time through timeless design has become an art for this company, as it has for its founder. A nurturer of craft in all its forms, Larsen (the man) draws inspiration from a 


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Triple the space? 
35% or 325%? [[/right margin]]