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Jack Larsen
Very good release. It's upbeat

Larsen Puts Bad Times to Good Use

In this period of -- at best -- reduced expectations, and underemployment for too many, a few design firms will flourish. Jack Lenor Larsen intends to be one that does.

Those few specifiers and suppliers with 90's vision have potentials for growth: they optimistically lead, with the magic intendant on leadership. The recent restructuring at Larsen puts [[strikethrough]] this [[/strikethough]] our firm in position for leadership. [[Strikethrough]] Their [[/Strikethrough]] Our youthful, veteran staff is at prime. [[Strikethrough]] They [[/Strikethrough]] We are younger than found in older and larger firms but far senior to the staffs of those houses which sprung up in the boom years and,[[Strikethrough]] so [[Strikethrough]] have never experienced recessionary ice.

Larsen has, as well, enviable strengths in bridging residential, executive and hospitality markets -- in both modern and transitional arenas.

I would send out as a holiday message of upbeat enthusiasm to our entire company! Expand on last "etc."

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