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December 30, 1926

Dr. W. R. Valentiner,
c/o Detroit Institute of Arts,
Detroit, Mich.

Dear Dr. Valentiner,

May I ask you to be kind enough to give urgent attention to the letter I wrote you on December 17th asking your opinion about the little wooden bust by RIEMENSCHNEIDER, as I told you I would like to send your opinion to Dr. Sherer, and I would like to be able to do it in the very near future.

We also wired you on December 26th in reference to the tapestry "The Two Lions" which we are very anxious to show here to one of our clients who will be here for only a short time. You would oblige me greatly by having it sent to us at your earliest convenience, and we could send it back to you after our client has seen it.

Hoping these lines do find you in good health, and with the Compliments of the Season, believe me to be

Yours very sincerely,

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