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RHW ES   April 16, 1929

Mrs. A. C. Weibel,
Detroit Institute of Arts,
Detroit, Mich.

Dear Mrs. Weibel,

In reference to our conversation the other day in Detroit, I understand that for the time being there is very little chance of doing any business with our Gobelins "Tancred & Chlorinda". I, therefore, would appreciate it if you would kindly return the tapestry to us at your convenience. 

In regard to the other tapestries, I shall communicate with the owners upon my return to Europe, and shall let you have further details in this matter.

I regret very much having seen so very little of you, but it just happened that these few days in Detroit were extremely congested.

I trust you will have a very pleasant and agreeable summer and looking forward to seeing you in the fall in the best of health, I meanwhile remain with my best wishes and kindest regards,

Yours very sincerely,

(Rolf H. Waegen)   


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