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October 31st., 1938.

Dear Dr. Valentiner: 

It was a particular pleasure to see you in New York, the more so as you were in an exceptionally good mood, I thought, and so relaxed.

Though you tried very hard to "see" the Germain PILON in its dark corner, I really feel that it didn't do justice to this lovely lady nor you, to have shown her the way I did. 

I am therefore, sending you a photograph which gives you a better idea of the supreme elegance and of the great beauty of this marble statue.

As I told you, this sculpture is in a perfect state of preservation, with the exception of a break in two fingers of the left hand, and the blade of the sword held in the right.

The statue is life-size and we have the whole pedigree of it, and it is furthermore mentioned in John Bablon's book "Germain Pilon". Louis Réau too, wrote most enthusiasticaly in his study on this figure, which he considers as a portrait of Catherine de Medici.

It is my opinion, one of the most beautiful creations of the French Renaissance and to my knowledge absolutely unique outside of France. Should you be interested in this statue as a purchase for your museum, I will spare no effort to make it possible.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon, I am,

With personal regards,

Yours very sincerely,

(Germain Séligmann)

Dr. W. R. Valentiner,
Detroit Institue of Arts,
Detroit Michigan.

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