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March 17, 1961

Dear Mr. Grigaut:

It was good of you to have so promptly answered my request for the Bulletin containing your article on the de Vries: bronze, and I further appreciate your forwarding it with your compliments.
Only of late have I seen a reference to your writing on this topic and, in view of my particular interest in the work of this exceptional sculptor, I am of course anxious to consult it.

Fate has prevented me, repeatedly, from carrying out plans I had made to visit you and Mr. Richardson, but I do hope that, at long last, I will be able to do so within the next few weeks - calling you up beforehand.

Please be kind enough to remember me to Mr. Richardson and, with renewed thanks for your courtesy and with personal greetings,


Germain Seligman
Paul L. Grigaut, Esq.
Chief Curator
The Detroit Institute of Arts
Detroit 2, Michigan