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Smithsonian Folklife Festival Audio/ Video Log Sheet

Logger/ Videographer: Michael Miller
Memory Card Number-TASCAM: CFCH 02 Htbca0 or-0243
Presenter: Emily Sokolove 
Date/time: 12:30 6/24
Program: Organizing Craft Communities 
Stage: El Hablador Group Name: Centro de textiles Tradicionales de Cusco (CTTC)
Region/Style: Chinchero Cusco/ Traditional textiles
Performer(s): (Jacque) Manuela Ayasta, Nil Da CallaƱdaupa Alvarez- Non-profit Weaves Organizer, Rosa B. Pumalyalli Q
Contents/Notes (continue on back): 
1. 10 communities, over 600 weavers form organization
2. Each community has own weaving style [[eA?]] Hat shape
3. Jacue work more so in association with men and women in embroidery
4. Peruvian legislation passed a law in March 23 2010 Saints day law (29073) assist craftsmen
5. Co-op generates income for craftsmen of all ages
6. No definite leadership, the group comes to a census
7. Jacque's group has workshops that don't interfere with members daily lives
8. CTTC -> Price is set high as the quality and work effort is high in labor. Only sell in there center
9. CTTC -> At centers weaving demonstration are given
10. Jacque -> The quality of the product is more important than profit