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itself to protect; therefore the Military Authority of the Bureau will be made use of to Secure the rights and persons of the freedmen of that County. You will inform Dr Slaughter that in consequence of the offence perpetrated upon the freedmen on his plantation and their insecurity, Against further outrage that none of them now working on the plantation will be compelled to remain upon the place unless they should so elect. And he must pay the 4 freedmen with their families full, fair wages for their services up to the time they were ordered off the plantation by him. Should Dr. Slaughter refuse to obey this order you will arrest and confine him reporting your action promptly to this office. You are further directed to send a letter to the Civil Officers and prominent Citizens of the County and inform them that unless the outrages upon the freedmen of which have given it such an unenviable notoriety, shall cease - and the civil laws enforced as to give protection and secure justice to all citizens irrespective of color

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words are very smudged so it is hard to see what needs to be transcribed