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3. There are two indexes attached to the book. - one of names. the other of subjects; every order will be indexed in the latter, immediately after being copied.

For named, a detached index will first be used, untill the record book is full, when they will be arranged under each letter, as in City Directories, and thus classified, transferred to the first permanent index attached to the record book. Every proper name will be indexed; and a red line be drawn in the body of the order under it, to facilitate a reference to it.

For Subjects, the method of indexing, prescribed for the letter book, will be followed. The remarks made. relative to the mode of indexing the subjects of letters are also applicable to general and special orders.

Atkinson Edward W., Agt for Camden Co. 142. 281
Act'g Sub Ass't Com'rs 143. 
Augusta A.J., Smg. 148. 216. 234. 241
Arnold John W., Agent for Walton Co. 152. 170. 173. 243
Arnold Park E., Ag't for Coweta Co. 158.
Ayer Ira Jr., Capt & Bt. Lt. Col. 9th V.R.C. 168. 170. 172. 192.
Adams Asa L., Agent for Telfair Co. 180. 273
A.A. Com'r. assumes charge in Ga. 1.
Assignment of Capt. W.W. Deane A.A.G., to Inty in Ga. 1.
Assignment of Mr. Eberhart State Sup't W.S. 1. 
Assignment of Surg. Lawton Surg. in Chief. 1.
Assignment of Maj. Wm. Gray, Inspector of Bureau. 1. 4.
Assignment of Capt. Watson, Chief Q.M. Bureau 2.
Assignment of Bt. Lt. Col. Lambert to duty. 2.
Assignment of Lt. G.H. Pratt, 13th Comr. V.I. 3.
Assignment of Lt. F.F. Forbes to duty as A.A.A.G. (1866) 4.
Assignment of Staff, Capt. W.W. Deane A.A.G. (1866) 4.
Assignment of Staff, Capt. Walbridge A.A.F.G. (1866) 4.
Assignment of Staff, Surg. J.W. Lawton, (1866) 4.
Assignment of Staff, Capt. Watson, A.Q.M. (1866) 4. 
Assignment of Staff, Lt. T.F. Forbes A.A.A.G. (1866) 4.
Assignment of Capt. Pickett to duty. (1866) 5.
Assignment of Capt. Slaughter as A.S.A. Com'r. '65 125.
Atlanta, Inspection of Hospital at. 125. 
Agent of the Bureau at Savannah relieved. 126.
Agent to turn over papers &c. to Capt. Stone, 103d U.S.O.[[?]] 126.
Assignment of Capt. Hy. L. Stone to duty at Sav. 126
Assignment of Lt. Co. Curkendall to duty at Atlanta. 127.
Assignment to duty in Freedmen's Hospital, Columbus. 127.
Assignment to duty in Freedmen's Hospital, Macon. 127.
Assignment to duty in Freedmen's Hospital, Macon. 127.
Assignment to duty at Savannah as A.S.A. Com'r. 128. 191.
Americans, Ga., A.S.A. Com'r Sav. to proceed to. 128.
Assignment of Capt. Stone to duty at Sav. revoked. 128.
Assignment of Capt. Richardson 12th Mo. Vol. 129.
Atlanta, Assignment to duty in Hospital at. 129. 203.
Assignment to duty at Savannah. 130. 130. 131. 149. 166. 167. 
Assignment to duty at Augusta. 130. 133. 163. 174. 175. 180. 187. 188. 200.
Assignment to duty at Thomasville. 130. 173.
Assignment to duty at Albany. 131. 149. 172.
Athens, Ga. Property to be secured at. 132.
Atlanta, Inspection of Bureau affairs at. 133.
Atlanta, P.O. at, to be searched for lost papers. 134
Assignment to duty at Macon, Ga. 135. 126. 171. 189.
Appointment of Agents. 136. 137. 137. 138. 138. 139. 139. 140. 140. 141. 141. 142. 143.
Assignment to duty at Athens, Ga. 137.
Athens, Ga. Grist Mill at, restored. 139.
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