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|    | Respectfully returned to Maj Geo S Smith. Sub Comr. Dist of Columbus who will see this case brought before the Commissioner under the Civil Rights Bill for the County in which the Act was committed. The fourth section of the bill provides for such cases. This man will be sent to report to Maj Smith or the Commissioner as soon as this Office can be notified of his whereabouts By Order of Maj Genl Th J Wood Sd A. W. Preston A.A.A.G. | 

| Preston A.W. Maj & AAAG 24 | Endorsement on communication from Dr Wm Milne concerning clothing shipped to him from Vicksburg and stating that he has received no rolls to make returns upon. M-6.FBD.C. 1866 Bureau Refugees Freedman &c Office Sub Commissioner
Columbus Miss Augt 7th 1866 Respectfully forwarded to Major A.W. Preston AAA Genl Bu R.F. & A L Vicksburg Miss. & would request that Dr Milne be furnished with Rolls whereupon to take receipts for clothing issued Geo. S. Smith Capt Bt Major Sub Comr | 

| Messers Gaither & Herndon Commissioners Itawamba Co Miss 20/25 | Continuation of an endorsement on a Communication from Lieut Fielding Neale, Sub Comr. Bu R.F.& A.L. in regard to case of Hal Burgess. W-21-F.B.D.O-1866. Bureau Refugees Freedman & A L Office Sub Commissioner Columbus Miss Aug 21st 1866 Respectfully referred to Messers Gaither & Herndon, Commissioners of Itawamba County Miss who will please investigate the case. and return these papers, with action noted Geo. S. Smith Bt Major Sub Comr |

| Preston A.W. Maj & AAA Gl 26 | Endorsement on communication from J.B. McCallister stating that he had never been officially notified of his appointment as Comr and asking. if he is to be a sworn officer. by whom the oath is to be administered. M-9-FBDC-1866. Bureau Refugees, Freedmen & A L. Office Sub Commissioner Columbus Miss Aug 27th/66 Respectfully forwarded to Maj A W Preston AAA.G. Bu. R F & A L. for the necessary information. Other Commissioners inform me that they have received no official notice of their appointment Geo. S. Smith Capt Bt Major Sub Comr |